Friday, 6 December 2013

Jack Off The Beanstalk

This festive season if you're saying, "Oh no, I don't (do Panto), I'm too old, I don't have any kids."  Well I'm saying, "Oh yes, you do (do Panto)" ... Forgive me, I've not been the same since Fanny Goblin put a spell on me.

"Jack Off The Beanstalk" is London's No 1 Adult Pantomime and this year it's presented in Odour-Drama (scratch & sniff) so you won't just be seeing the action, you'll be smelling it too.

Matthew Baldwin, Toby Joyce, Jenni Crane & Stephanie Willson
 Above the Stag Theatre has a brand new venue - a renovated railway arch in Vauxhall!  Jack's Beanstalk action takes place in the fictional Yorkshire town called, Upper Jumper.  Throw in a cow called Kylie, a giant who says Fe-Fi-Ee bah Gum", Tina Turners song with some revised lyrics and you've got a rip-roaring, gay panto!

Jenni's Journeys caught up with some of the talented cast members on the set.  

"So here's a sneaky peek of what's in store,
And don't say I didn't warn you, that you'll want to see more!"
Just click on the Link if you'd like to view
And one last thing - It's Underneath You!!!!!

Jenni's Journey!

( Oops, Fanny Goblin's magic again!) 

Toby Joyce as Simon Trott, Kylie the cow and Chris Clynes as Jack

Monday, 2 December 2013

It's Wine 0' Clock

There are countless bars and pubs in London, ( I've drank in a fair few of them) but to find a drinking den, nestled in a cellar in the city, is far more rare to find.  There is, however, no moonshine served here, the drink of the day is Wine.

"The Wine Library" invites you to choose your wine from the countless green bottles hanging on the wall ( okay, in truth they are on the shelf).  If you are not a wine connoisseur, don't worry, because two men who happen to be, Peter and Tom, are happy to help you chose your perfect wine.

Once chosen, you enter the drinking den, through the saloon doors, plonk yourself at a barrel and await for your wine to be delivered to you.  There is a small corkage fee to be paid for the wine.

No doubt, you have now smelt the the aromas of not just wine, but cheese.  The Wine Library serves a buffet lunch of cold meats and cheese, so 
help yourself to a plate, cram it with cheese, crackers and pate and  allow the bread to soak up the wine!

With it's warm and cosy atmosphere, "The Wine Library is the perfect place, to catch up with friends over a bottle (or 2) of Pinot Noir!


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Jenni's Royal Journey

The world celebrates the birth of the royal baby, born on 22nd July 2013 and yet to be named.  Jenni's Journeys took a trip to Buckingham Palace to speak to the people who were there, celebrating this momentous occasion.

Watch the video to see baby name predictions and more...