Thursday, 4 November 2010

Blog Off!

It has just occurred to me, mainly as my website is launched on 5th November that I need to get hip! “Facebook” – I’m old hat, “Twitter” I began, then lost the "tweet", “My Space” - never really excited me, “You Tube” – yes, I’ve posted a few fun videos, or should I say, I had nothing to do with the posts, yet there I am singing 9-5 in NYC and dancing to an 80's Jason Donavan Hit in Clapham. It's also just occurred to me that by me saying that I need to get HIP – makes me quite the opposite. Maybe I should rephrase that and say I need to.... Move with the times.

To Blog or Not to Blog? 

that is my question. Well, I’m gonna start today and see what happens – see where it takes me and more importantly You. The blog reader. Is anyone really interested in me enough to keep reading?

Being someone who's always written, always kept a diary, had a vivid imagination and thoughts on random things!?! Being a girl who actually likes to write a good old complaint letter and to quite rightly give praise where it's due....Being someone who loves life and likes to share (within reason.... My shoes are my shoes, though size 3 means most friends can’t actually squeeze their foot into my Cinderella shoe) it was only a matter of time that I found out about blogging. I actually heard of it a while back - but have been sussing it out really. Always had so much to "blog" about, but haven’t.... Until now!

Until now... 

Now, meaning???  
Now = minus a boyfriend (and considering I only had the one at the time – Boy-friendless) don’t feel sorry for me – I’m enjoying the dating game! 
Now = having just moved back into my old house in “The Balahamas” with the best house mates a girl could wish for.  
Now = spending my well earned money on shoes, expensive “shiny” bedroom furniture, girly weekends away and not having to answer to anyone (except Me) 
Now = having been through the mill over the past few months and having lived from a suitcase - not as living from a suitcase suggests (I didn’t just wheel myself around and get inside in the evening and zip myself up - though sometimes I wished I could...) 
Now = watching my career as it spins and opens new exciting doors - starting new jobs that sharpen my presenting skills - meeting Curious people in curious places that turn out to be curious after-all. 
Now = accepting that being born in 1980 comes with being 3 0........ Yes, until Now, I have always thought blogging to be something that only other people do. Well I guess if it’s good enough for Jo blogs - it’s good enough for Jenni Crane.

So – now i’m in the swing of it, I’m quite enjoying this blogging malarkey. Even my dad blogs. He writes articles on historical things and Rugby in my home town in Wales - but as it’s issued in a paper I always thought of him as a Writer. In essence it’s the same thing. It’s someone who has something to say and believes it will interest another like minded person....

I decided to hit Google with “true meaning of a blogger”... This is what I found...
BLOGGER – A term used to describe anyone with enough time or narcissism to document every tedious bit of minutia filling their uneventful lives. Possibly the most annoying thing about bloggers is the sense of self-importance they get after even the most modest of publicity. Sometimes it takes as little as a referral on a more popular blogger's website to set the lesser blogger's ego into orbit.”

That almost, just almost, made me hit the delete button and never step into the world as a blogger, but then I thought, hold on a minute the person who actually spent the time to write that must by and by be a god almighty blogger too.....

So I think I prove that inside all of us is the ability to want to share our lives with not just the world - but to anyone who is interested and if that’s YOU, then thanks for making me feel hip..... We all want to tell a story and pass on our findings.

Whilst I have learnt that "the truth is too precious to tell every fool who asks for it!" I also realise that you won’t be asking me for a Blog or for any beans that I don’t want to spill. I'll just blog one day because I am inspired, because I want too and because I've learnt how X

Blog Off 2 – December 5th!


  1. Hey Jenny. I only met you briefly, but I liked very much what I saw and heard tonight and now I like what I've read too. I'm looking forward to blogg post 2 - Jobsworths. I'll try top get some rhythms together in time for your piece on 99p store non umbrella refunders. :-) Hoping you're good. Alan x

  2. Oh - Thanks for your comment Alan. was nice to meet with you also X Yes get those rhythms together and let me know X