Saturday, 4 December 2010

Merry Single Christmas!

Just where the Dickens did November go and when did the Festive season begin?  I'm not complaining and I don’t know about you – but this December I am feeling just a little bit Christmassy. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved this magical time of the year. It’s a time for family and it just so happens I’m a Welsh family girl through and through. Over the past few months I have been working quite a lot.  Five jobs in a day some weeks.  I am Presenting freelance for Psychic TV – Brand ambassador for Fiorelli handbags on QVC, other presenting gigs dotted around, teach Music 1 day a week and I work on reception at Zodiak Media the rest of the time too – so 2010 has seen me pushing my career forward – and I am very much enjoying the sleigh ride. That’s probably one of the reasons I need a little Christmas now!  

Plus - for the first time in 10 years I have been single and Oh, Hark - what a joy it is!  Especially now that Christmas is approaching, for many reasons really.  I’d like to point out here though, not for the lack of presents that being single may come with!
Every year, it’s been a palaver over where I should spend Christmas.  I feel lucky that every year I have always won and spent it in Wales.

So my first boyfriend was fine because he lived in Wales and the whole Christmas thing was never a problem.  My next 2 boyfriends I picked were northerners (which my dad has now warned me against ever dating again - unless they're Take That) as they apparently "just don’t suit me" – nothing personal Northeners – what it boils down to is that it's just too far away from Wales, especially when it comes to the matter that involves "Jenni, home & Christmas!
So each year, starting in Jan, I have always laid down the law that I will indeed be going home for Christmas.  The offer has always been that they could come too – and quite sadly, the offer has always been snapped up.  Now, before I even entertain a relationship and probably on date number one, I will ask those words about Christmas - thoughts on it and if I would be allowed to go home (pref alone!)

It’s a tough one really.  When you’re in Love with someone you should really want them with you.  Shouldn’t you?  But if you’re not married yet and have no family together then sorry boys, but mum dad and sister come first.  Cos - in truth if you boys are there, my dad and I cant leave the blue moon, mince pie, pickled onions, cold meat and milk for Rudolph...  And that's no joke I promise.

One year I got in such a pickle about the whole Christmas thing and the palaver it caused, I actually dumped my boyfriend....  admittedly, not just for that reason, though I sure know how to pick my moment.  When is good timing to dump somebody?  All right, not on Christmas day and just so you know – it ruined my Christmas too!  And for the record, we're actually friends now.

Last Christmas, I had to zoom off on Boxing Day to go to Durham  – I think I cried all the way to Grantham – I prayed for a flurry of snow – but karma kicked in for what I’d done the year before and off up north I ventured.

This year, “there'll be no tears and giving it to someone special” – sorry Wham. I am going to have a great Christmas with girls and family.  I have it on account of a Psychic that this year is going to be a Spectacular Christmas for me.
So, I intend to drink lots of sloe gin until I am slowly tipsy, play board games until I am actually bored  (may take a while actually as I do love a board game.)   I‘m going to go out and party, taking the mistletoe too (look out boys – sorry dad!) and eat chicken, beef, ham and pork all at once (well, at least on one plate – my family are a bit different) for my Christmas dinner, without anyone even questioning where the Turkey is - WE DON'T KNOW! 

And last but not least - I'm looking forward to Not having to frantically attempt to buy one single waste of money present for a guy who has it all, is fussy and doesn’t really appreciate it!  Bah Humbug to that thought. (Dad- you're aright - you'll still get your Lynx)

I cant even say that I feel sorry for those single men out there, who are now frantically going on-line and hitting the shops with a wing and a prayer of what mum, gran and sister want.  Let’s face it Men, it's us girls who are the Angels when It comes to coming up trumps with your, Yes – Your loved ones presents at Christmas and don't even start with the card. We probably redeem you for the whole year.  Dad – once again – you're out of that equation. You have 2 daughters – so mum is very lucky.

You know, when I was growing up my poor mum received the same Christmas card for 16 years.  In my dads defense, it was a musical card as he pointed out more than once and still does harp on about even now.  Every year my dad would get it out and hand it over.  Yes dad it was a special card, it did play Silent Night when you opened it and you defiantly got your moneys worth – but hey – 16 years??  Dad was devastated when the battery finally gave up one year – gosh – imagine our Christmas!

Well – the goose is getting fat and so am I due to the freezing weather not enabling me to “Run, Jenni, Run” so, In the words of Beyonce “All you single ladies, all you single ladies” get the mistletoe out, deck those halls, don that sparkly frock, pull a cracker or 2, make Snow angels and have a Merry "Single" Christmas.

Oh, and Santa, if you're reading - I've been an Angel all year, so hurry down the chimney for me!

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