Monday, 21 March 2011

"Love" Fashion for a Fiver!

I just have to share my latest find with you.  If you are a dedicated follower of fashion (and I'm not talking the latest Catwalk £1000 frock here)  Oh No, I'm talking High Street Fashion and actual real stuff that is sold currently in our shops, such as Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, New Look then Read on because Girls, I have found you a little gem.

They don't call "Great Portland Street" "Great" for nothing, I  can tell you!  

You could just fleet on by the tiny little shop, that a cat couldn't really even be swung in, mainly due to the fact that it is crammed with all sorts of pretty clothing.  There may be lots of frilly material inside but Outside I assure you here are most defiantly "No Frills".   From seeing a few card board boxes thrown outside and the Name "LOVE" in red lettering above, a few clothes rails just by the door, one could quite easily walk on by.  However, on closer inspection, I read the words (on a few pieces of A4 paper sellotaped to the window) "Everything £5.00", the only way I was walking was inside!

Now, we all know it's Quality not Quantity but in this rare exception you are getting both.  And don't forget, it's how you wear it darling!  I didn't realise at first until I bought 2 dresses and it came to £10 that the shop had not got me in there under false pretences - it did what it said on the tin!  (Well, window, in this case!)  You could spend hours in there - talk about being stuck in a time warp...  

The shop, in my experience (and it is becoming just that - once a week at least) is never rammed with tourists or your typical high street people, but it has random passers by, who are also waiting to be proven wrong by the sign they saw in the window.  People actually talk to each other and give knowing smiles of "We canny believe our luck".  If that's not enough, the owner, Lee (Oh, yes, we're on first term names now) is just a delight.  He is proud of his shop and quite rightly so.

In the shop, you will find the latest fashion from Black net lacy TuTu's to dresses with bows, leather jackets, smock tops and more...  (Okay, downside, there are no shoes!)  There are two (quite pokey) changing rooms -- but lets face it, all we really need is a mirror.  Most people tend to not even try things on.  Stock changes daily too!!  I went in to New Look the other day and saw my Exact dress on the rail for £35.00.  I couldve' bought 6 more for that price!  So, I went back today and I did! 

You may be asking, like I did, What! and WHY???  and dont worry, I have the answers to that too.  I dont' miss a trick.  Lee tells me that it is all current season stock,  but left overs that the shops dont buy or dont need.  Lee has been in the same shop for about 8 years and he said the prices used to be even cheaper.  When asked if he would be putting them up, he said that there are no current plans too, but looked at me with anticipation as if a penny had just dropped and so maybe I should have kept my lips sealed and complained about the high prices! 

So, Girls, get your fivers out, forget the hustle and bustle of Oxford St and get yourself to Lee's "Love" shop,102 Great Portland St - Just remember who told you....

PS:  I am a size S/M in most of the dresses and Im really not that fussy!

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  1. Passed by here today on my lunch and I'm dying to go back. Any idea how late they're open?