Monday, 12 December 2011

Sex and the City, Afternoon Tea and ME!

Girls and Girls best friends, if you just love Afternoon Tea, living the high life infused with a touch of decadence; if you are a lover of all things Christmassy, bone china and extravagances then read on.

Now, I love shoes and Pink shoes at that.  I also am partial to a bit of chocolate.  Never has the phrase “That Shoe looks good enough to eat” been so true.  Yes, you can even eat the shoes.
The London Hyatt Churchill Hotel has invented an extraordinary Afternoon Tea - Sex and the City style - Forget the traditional, although not to be knocked squarely cut, ever so British Finger sandwiches and Hellooo New York!  We have pastrami on rye, New York bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Mini burgers and mini New York hot dogs with a light drizzle of mustard.

Now, desserts don’t come much better either and each dessert made with one of the SATC girls in mind - Carrie has a strawberry flavoured Chocolate Edible Shoe, or Charlotte, a pink strawberry cupcake that is to die for; for Samantha an appletini jelly in a mini martini glass that is so refreshing and zingy; and, finally, for Miranda, glazed doughnuts - MMMmm, doh!
The cocktails are mouth-wateringly delicious too - Oh yes! A Pineapple Tini!  It was actually very strong and I can’t say for sure if it was that, my pure excitement or the extra glass of champagne that I necked that made me feel slightly giddy!!  (Second thoughts, I blame the chocolate shoe!)
The whole afternoon was spent in true Lavish SATC style.  If I could eat like this every day - I would. 

I can honestly say that on leaving the hotel, I really was living and feeling like Carrie Bradshaw.  Not even the wintery rain that bucketed down on me only a few seconds later in Winter Wonderland, made me sad.  Well, okay, It did make me a little flat (and my hair, that had only just been done!) and maybe I didn’t look like Carrie Bradshaw anymore, but a drowned welsh rat, but I’d experienced a wonderful afternoon and even though my shoes were not as in tact and beautiful looking as the ones I had devoured only a few hours before, I was happy!
You can find all of the information on the link below - book up now and if you fancy a Jenni to take along with you, then, I’m thawed out now and feeling peckish!

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  1. OMG that is so great! I love Sex and the City!