Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Be My Dwynwen?!

With 3 weeks to go before Cupid turns us all love struck (or sick), normally depending on your relationship status, I'm feeling especially lucky that I am Welsh.  We don't just keep our roses & chocolates until the month of February.  Oh no, Saint Dwynwen has given us our own day of 'Love' which falls on 25th January, tomorrow!   St Dwynwen is the Welsh patron saint of lovers, which makes her the Welsh equivalent of St Valentine.

So, here are my Top 10 Tips on what to do tomorrow, if you know any Welsh people and you like/ love/ admire/ fancy the pants off / feel sorry for/ playing a Cilla Black or fancy a good old fashioned wind up!

                                                    Me dressed as a Daffodil

1:  Buy a St Dwynwens Day card and Google search Welsh translations to write something nice inside.  Cards are always winners so that's a good start - if it's too late to buy one then print one out for free online.
2: Give a Welsh Love Spoon - But be careful when choosing or carving your spoon (alright forget the carving, that's what they did in the old days, just buy one) on what you're meaning to say.  The symbols on the wood all come with different meanings.  If you're just admiring someone, probably best to not to go for the "Chain" Symbol just stick to the "heart" and I wish you “a horseshoe".  If you have little time then go to a shop, buy a wooden spoon and improvise - at least the thought was there!

3: Plan a romantic trip to Anglesey and visit Llanddwyn Island - the Welsh Island of Love and St.Dwnywnes home town.  If too short notice then try no 4.

4: Cook a meal made of all lovely Welsh food & Shake up a Welsh Cocktail.  Be sure to start with Welsh Rarebit ( cheese on toast) and make sure that leeks are incorporated into the main dish in some form and finish with a good old fashioned bake-stone, preferably cooked by my mum.  She is taking orders.....  Be sure to have a music compilation of Bassey, Tom Jones, Shakin Stevens, Bonnie Tyler and the Stereophonics playing in the background - Leave off "We're walking in the Air" that may have the opposite effect of what you're trying to achieve.

5: Watch a Movie.  My suggestions for romance and coal mining heartbreak - "How green was my valley".  For comedy and something really recent "Submarine" and for pure Welsh genius you can't beat a bit of "Gavin and Stacey" and laugh your head off at Uncle Bryn.

6:  Buy flowers and of course they would be daffodils - lucky that they happen to be one of the cheapest flowers at 99p a bunch in most supermarkets.  If you want to be even more creative, put some daffodil bulbs in a plant pot and plant them as a symbol of your growing love!  Corny, but a real winner.  Even though daffs are normally grown in March, you can buy them now as they have, (no doubt due to global warming), bloomed too early.

7: If you're in London - like me - then there are a few Welsh bars  you could take your loved one too or if you're single, go and find yourself a nice Welsh gal!  The Famous 3 Kings is always a winner.

8:  Buy your partner tickets to Wales V England for the six nations in Feb.  You would be loved forever.  HINT HINT!!!!!

9: Learn to speak Welsh It may sound difficult but it’s such a Fab Online Course with 25 FREE sessions. You could either pass the link on to a loved one or learn yourself - that way, by the time St Dwynwens day comes around again - you'll be practically fluent (hhhmm, well you'll at least be able to say your name!)

10:  Avoid all Welsh people for the day.

Well, I hope that this gives you some inspiration of what to do tomorrow and if by chance you find love by using my tips - remember me when dishing out those wedding invites!  If on the other hand, the exchange of love spoons and cards didn't go down too well, February 14th is rapidly approaching X

"Hapus Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen"

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