Sunday, 8 January 2012

Boys With their Toys in a Girls Wolrd

One thing that I miss about my childhood is all of my adventures with my toys in my house, garden and if they were being exceptionally well behaved, even the avenue!  I remember going to sleep and feeling content that Sooty, Sweep & Sue, my barbies and Cindy's (with no hair) Get along Gang & Care bears were all keeping me safe. Cuddly or plastic - no discrimination with me, they were all snuggled up next to me.

Alright, so, my Sinclair computer stayed where it was, all loaded up with Chuckie Egg and waiting for my square eyes to make an appearance the next day.

My toys are all a part of my imagination and I thank them for it - they know who they are - although my sister and I even to this day squabble about some of My toys as I'm sure most siblings do (when they're 6!) In recent years my toys have found a new home, don't worry for them, I still see them, I just know have to meet them in my parents attic, I believe that they love it up there ( or at least that's what Worzel told me last time)

For all of you still reading, I know that you believe too and so, here's what I found on my London Travels and You're gonna love it.  The V&A Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green - a whole building dedicated to Toys spanning from the 1600's to the present day.  So, next time you get wind of yourself saying "I'm bored or Are we there yet?" you know whats its time for......

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