Monday, 16 January 2012

Miss Jenni & The "Hyatt" Life......

Sitting in the London Hyatt Regency Churchill Club Executive Suite room, now that’s a title and a half, on a Saturday morning, with the sun beating in through my wall of windows, the smell of Molten Brown wafting through the apartment, the reminisce of last night’s champagne flutes still sat there, dressed in my white bathrobe (which to say was a little big would be the understatement of the century, but it feels divine and I’m here on my own, so who’s looking at you kid!?) Well, it leaves me feeling like I could get used to living the “high life”.

I actually came to this hotel before Christmas for the "SATC" Afternoon Tea and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to come to see what the rooms have to offer. This time around, I’ve upgraded to the Club Regency – to see how the other half live.

On arrival I was whisked up to the 8th floor in an elevator (Club regency comes with your own private Check in) and as the lift doors opened, I was greeted by a lady very smartly dressed.  It was the kind of welcome that you get from a friend you’ve not seen in months – she approached me and placed in my hand a hot flannel to warm up my hands, then sat me down and poured me an iced tea, now that’s a welcome!

I was escorted to my room and my eyes first hit the sweet jars pouring out lemon sherbets and mint humbugs, always a good start, then on to my room, which had two parts to it and a wardrobe bigger than my own London flat which now seems like a distant memory. The bed is so big I can lie on it either way and still fit (Please note - I am 4ft 11) So far so good!

I hadn’t even got to the bathroom and there was a ring at my doorbell, I answered it to my own personal concierge bringing me gifts, including a fruit bowl that looked as if it had come straight from Adams garden.  My butler, let’s call him Jeeves, informed me that I should head to the Regency Bar where there were canapés and drinks complimentary from 5.30 until 7.30, apparently a nightly occurrence.

Jeeves left and I found the bathroom – a modern clean mirrored room with all London branded products– I could just bathe in here for the whole night, but canapés to taste.  The 8th floor at the Hyatt really is like a hotel, within a hotel, access only if you’re in Regency Club, which I just happened to be and so, in I went.

That night I ate at the Italian meal at Locatelli, within the hotel.  Very tasty!  Then off for a night cap, in the form of bubbles darling, at the Montagu bar.  A vibrant yet relaxed place to sit and watch the hotel pass by.

Bed time came and so I slipped back, under the starch cotton sheets and felt like the Princess trying to find the pea!  Oh, to dream!  It was heavenly.  Morning beckoned and I pulled my curtains open to a wonderful view of Portman Square.  The next day, I hit Oxford Street and shopped till I dropped nothing that a soapy bath can’t fix!

This hotel really does seem to have it all.  From the location, to the staff (who even called themselves antiques as they’ve been there so long) from the packages they provide, to Peter Blake’s Artwork brightening up the Lobby.  It’s very cosmopolitan and grand, yet manages perfectly to make each guest feel at home.  Oh, Home, a word, I had quite forgotten.

I’d had a truly wonderful, pampering yet busy, slightly extravagant weekend at The Regency Club but, it was time to say goodbye to the “high Life”, release Jeeves from his duties and head south to my flat.  So, the next time you too feel like you just need to get away, if only for a night, then the Hyatt Regency is there waiting to welcome you, waiting for you to be their guest.  Say hi to Jeeves for me!

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