Saturday, 28 January 2012

A room for London

A room for London comes hand in hand with a room with a view, that's for certain.  It's sat high above the Thames on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, tucked just below Waterloo bridge and docked between the Royal Festival Hall and this will be The Roi Des Belges harbour for 2012.

So, who lives in a boat like this?  

Firstly, some lucky people who managed to buy tickets.  They sold out within minutes and cost a very reasonable £120.  Then throughout the months, the room for London will invite musicians to stay ending their residency with a live broadcast called "Sounds from a room".  Writers will also check in and write new work called "A London Address".  Artists will also reside here, thinking up new ideas of creativity called "Hearts of Darkness".  If you like a competition, you'll be pleased to know that the Evening standard is running one, so maybe you will also be able to jump aboard, it's called "Ideas for London".  Get those thinking caps on.

This weekend heard the first "Sounds from a Room" performed by Andrew Bird.  Inside the Royal Festival hall was a big screen with a live broadcast.  So, I headed down with my camera to capture the days events.  

The South bank has to be one of my favourite places to go in London, there is always so much going on and the views just remind me how great this city is.  So, imagine how great it would be to stay in "A room for London".

What appeals to me about this ingenious piece of architecture, is that it is forever changing, from it's different guests that spend a night here to the ever evolving City below.   It's observing London as we observe the room.  The knowing that it will only ever see each day once, in this position, is what makes this room so magical and unique.  When 2012 is over, the Roi Des Belges will set sail to a new destination to carry on it's voyage.  I wonder what view it will enjoy next?

So, for me to be able to stay in the Roi Des Belges, I'd better get my thinking cap on.  I can just see myself now, in the summer months, eating strawberries and cream, Oh, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream X

Suggestions on how to get Jenni on board the Roi Des Belges are now welcome ............

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