Monday, 6 February 2012

The Queen & I

Today is a special day for "Queen & Country" as she begins her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  It makes me feel proud to be British and also proud to say, that I have actually met the Queen.  Oh yes, she shook my hand and wished me luck in my performing career.

I met the Queen on July 15th 1999 at The Buckingham Palace Garden Party.  My dad had been invited along and could take a few guests, his wife and two siblings under the age of 21.  (It just happened to be my sisters 21st Birthday that day and so, she qualified).

The invite specified that The Queen particulary likes to meet families and that throughout the day the guards will be looking for "interesting people" to be presented to Her Majesty.  My sister and I, (walking around with our best "interesting" faces), must have been doing something right, as we were plucked from the crowds and before we knew it, a walk-way had formed with Queen Elizabeth walking towards my "interesting" family and heading straight for us and our trembling hands.

I remember pinching myself as my dad bowed his head and the rest.....  Well, That's between The Queen & I.  Now, every time I see money, a stamp or watch "The Queens' speech" (you can imagine Christmas Day at the Cranes residence), I think to myself - "Ahh, remember that day Liz - we had such a lovely garden party".

So, that is probably one of the the biggest reasons as to why I am so excited that the Jubilee celebrations have begun.  We have a lot to look forward to in 2012 and that's not just a lazy bank holiday weekend.

Jubilee Events.

Royal Tours - The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh may be coming to a town near you as they will visit England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Diamond Jubilee Pageant.  Performances at Windsor castle -tickets are now on sale.

The Big Lunch - in other words - Street Parties - Start getting friendly with the neighbours now as a great excuse to nose around their house, if you haven't already.

Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant - A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in early June as up to 1000 boats sail the River Thames - one of the largest ever flotillas ever to appear on the Thames.

Diamond Jubilee Beacons - Over 2,000 beacons will be lit around the UK and World on the Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

And let's hope that the St Paul's protesters clear the way for the Service of thanksgiving and carriage procession by the Queen.

So, all in all, 2012 looks to be a year where we can celebrate being British.  I for one, will be joining in on more than a few of those events and look forward to raising a glass, or three!  No doubt, reminiscing about the most important hand shake that I've ever given and waiting for all of that luck in my career (Well, if My Royal Highness has bestowed luck on my side) then I'm half way there, right?

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