Monday, 19 March 2012

Luck of the Irish

This weekend saw a wave of green sweep through London for the Saint Patricks day celebrations.  Thirty two counties, making up Ireland, took to the streets with floats, dancing and cheering, all bursting with pride from Green park to Trafalgar Square.

The Metropolitan Police Emerald Society pipe Band

The event was organised by London Mayor, Boris Johnson, who took to the stage to declare the event officially open!  Boris tried, in a somewhat unsuccessful attempt to gee up the crowd.  He claimed that as long as he was Mayor, then there would be a huge celebration for the Irish, but it seemed to fall on deaf "fancy dress leprechaun" ears!  Boris had a lot to compete with, as the Irish dancers were getting ready to tap their feet and so it seemed that the music and the Guinness were the priority of the day.

Boris opens the Festival BUT.........

............It falls on Leprechaun ears!

The rain held off thank goodness, or else the face painting that I decided to have etched on my face, may have run off.
Face Painted = £2
I spent the afternoon ambling through the Irish stalls and wishing that I could kick my leg as high and even a fraction as quick, as the girls on the stage.  My form of dancing in school came in the style of country dancing.  Holding hands with boys dressed as a welsh lady, hmmm, not quite the same sprightly effect that the Irish girls dance seem to have on the men!
Many people had actually come across from Ireland to join in the celebrations and I was told by a good source, the Irish themselves, that other parts of the world actually celebrate St Patricks day more than than in Ireland.  In fact, it seems that the whole world turns Green with Landmarks such as the The London eye, Canada's Niagara falls, The Empire State building NYC, the leaning tower of Pisa, Table Mountain and the Sydney Opera House all lit up!

So, a true Irish day was had by one and all and here's a tip for all you Irish.  If you want this event next year too - then vote Boris!

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