Thursday, 5 April 2012

On A Night Like This!

My excitement began at 9 am just one week ago, when I hit the "Buy Tickets Now" button on my computer and correctly entered (first time) the jumbled security code.  ( No, thats wasn't the reason for my excitement) At 9:04 my screen read congratulations you have Kylie tickets on Tuesday 3rd April, Hammersmith Apollo.  I believe that I was one of the Lucky, lucky, lucky ones (sorry couldn't resist) as tickets sold out within 10 minutes and many fans were left ticket less.
Me (pre) Kylie
If it was Aphrodite dancers pulling chariots and sequin outfits you were looking forward to, then forget it.  The Anti Tour was the opposite of a tour (hence the name) with B sides and rare songs, some of which had never been performed Live by Kylie before.   With just 3 nights here in the UK and playing intimate small venues, it's no wonder the tickets sold like hot cakes.

Hammersmith Apollo, London

My seats were right at the back in the last row and as the gig started I knew that I had to work my way to be "closer" to Kylie and so I blagged my way into the main standing area.  Please note that this did involve my boyfriend pretending to be my gay best friend!  Ah, what you do for love! 

Being 4ft 11, or should I say Kylie height, I manged to dance, dodge and weave my way right to the front!  I really was in my element.  There she was, with just a few backing singers and a band,  dressed in denim shorts and a ripped T shirt and holding the crowd in the palm of her hand.  Kylie once said "When in doubt, wear glitter" and tonight she really proved there was no doubts in her mind about her music and love of performing - Not a sparkle itslef (apart from her hat!)!  She's not called the Princess of Pop for nothing!

I was "shocked by the power" that Kylie draw her fans from all over the globe and all within 1 week.  I caught up with a few of them for my Jenni's Journeys and I have to say that Kylie has the most friendly, happy, sociable crowd of fans that I have ever come across. 

My night nearly ended in tears though and not just because Kylies gig had finished!  Somewhere on the dancefloor was my I-phone!  As I said earlier, I must be lucky as some amazing person handed it in and the Hammersmith Apollos great staff, kept it safe!  So, a big thank-you to them.  (only at a Kylie gig!)

I caught up with Kylies Fans

The Apollo has to be one of favourite London venues and with Miss.Minogue being the trend setter that she is, I wouldnt be suprised if Madonna will be entering the building soon!

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