Monday, 21 May 2012

Good things & Small packages - ROUND 3

Week 3

One thing that has struck me over the last 3 weeks (apart from a red glove), is that most of the Safari kick boxing ladies are a lot taller than me.  In fact, it would seem that they can kick their legs higher than my whole 4ft 11 self.  However, there is no using my lack of height here to pray on some poor persons emotions to get them to do something for me or let me off something (as if I would).  It soon became apparent that Khadijah will definitely not be giving me any of the special treatment that I have become accustomed to over the years!  After all, being small didn't effect Bruce Lee now, did it!

In Week 3, Khadijah gives me some insight as to just how I can use my height to my advantage when being up against a taller person.  So, next time someone comes to reach down a tin of baked beans in a supermarket for me, watch out, I may be tempted to practise my new found moves.

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