Friday, 18 May 2012

Round 2


Week 2

(The above video shows Self Defence Skills, a feeble attempt of a Push Kick, (I find them impossible), a lesson in trust as Khadijah makes me close my eyes and pushes me and an outfit to die for!)

Well, I really enjoyed my first Kick Boxing lesson and I (contrary to what my friends opinions would be after hearing my incessant moaning every time I moved), actually quite liked the dull ache in my left arm that I was left with.  It seemed to last for days, but I was glad, as it gave me a comforting self certification that I was getting fit.  I was a proper fighter!

Before I knew it, Tuesday arrived and I found myself once again walking down the stairwell underneath a shop on north end road in Fulham.  This time though, I knew what to expect.  I was ready for more training and as I walked past the picture of Muhammad Ali on a steamy window that would have given Tina Turners song a whole new meaning and in through the door, out escaped a stream of air hotter than the gulf stream and in stepped Me!

It was like walking in to a scene from Fight Club, but no Brad Pitt here, instead I was welcomed back by Black Belt "UK Coach of the year", Muay Thai Kick Boxing Instructor, Khadijah Safari.

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