Sunday, 10 June 2012

I want to ride my Bicycle

If Freddy Mercury had needed a music video to put with a certain song with the words "I want to ride my bicycle", then I have made just the one.
Never have these lyrics been so apt!  In fact, the need was so Strong to ride bicycles this weekend, that people even forgot to put their clothes! Oh, wait a minute, that part was intentional.

This weekend saw The Worlds Naked Bike Ride day in London - never have I seen so many bicycles or come to think of it, naked people all at once.  It was a true sight to behold and in may ways rather liberating...  Just a shame I don't own a bike.....  Sorry Boris, I don't think your bike will quite do for me today either!

One More Cyclist
All nakedness aside, the campaign is demonstrating against Oil dependency and the need to protect our environment.  The naked people on the bikes highlight the vulnerability of the cyclists and today above all days would be a very unfortunate and vulnerable day to fall off your bike.
People had come from all over the country to be a part of the ride.  ( People had also come from all over to watch the ride, supporting the cause or not).  The motto is " dare to bare" and most people did just that.  Others painted their bodies and took body painting to the extreme!
Tigger on a Boris Bike
The event started at 3:30 and left Hyde Park Corner just at the same moment the Horse Guards parade were making there way towards The Mall.  All I can say, is that it's a good job The Naked Bike Day protest was this weekend and not last weekend, or else the Queen may have got more than she bargained for looking out of her balcony!

The ride lasted over 3 hours before cyclists came back to Hyde Park corner where they dismounted and frantically searched for their friends who had their clothes.  It seemed to me that this protest was also highlighting true friendship.  After all, their friendship really had now, bared all!

I want to ride my Bicycle

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