Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jenni's Jubilation!

Well, What a bank holiday it has been!  A momentous occasion for both Queen and Country and I for one, feel Jubilated.  Today I went along to the Mall so that I could be a part of history. 

I got off the train at Waterloo and walked past the newly opened "Jubilee Gardens" past the London Eye, over Westminster Bridge, past Big Ben and The houses of Parliament and up Whitehall.  I then took the same route that Her Majesty would take later in the afternoon, minus the carriage.  I hit Trafalgar Square and wished that I had the view of Nelson, 

before meandering up the Mall towards Buckingham Palace where I positioned myself just back from the wall of people.

The crowd were happy and I made friends with two ladies from Kent, a Nun, a lady who had brought with her a ladder, which, you'll be pleased to know, she let me stand on and two musicians studying at the London College of music, who kept me entertained as they struck up their violin and guitar!

The Mall
Many people had camped out last night and there was no taking them away from their front line positions.  So, I stood behind them and found myself taking my cue from their screams, as when to wave my flag.  For me, it wasn't just about seeing the Queen, it was about experiencing the atmosphere in the City in which I live in.

Later on, I will watch the News on TV from the comfort of my home, but from venturing out, I will know how it actually felt to be there.  I have also had the good fortune of meeting The Queen in the Palace (fanfare of trumpets please) and so because of this, I am more than happy to be amongst the masses, making up a sea of Red, Blue and White.

The Queen passed in her open carriage, followed by horses and guards.  Next, the Balcony scene and the Flyover.  I joined the procession, led by the Police, marching forward up to the Buckingham Palace gates.  Here, it was a free for all - people were leaping everywhere, some people were even wheeling suitcases! 

Royal Balcony at The Palace
Then at around 15:25 The band struck up "God save the Queen" and out on The Balcony appeared her Majesty herself.  I had ended up in a good position, just near the gates and I was more than happy to be rained on from the skies above which hosted A Lancaster Bomber escorted by five spitfires, leaving behind a vapour of red, blue and white from the nine Hawk Aircraft from the Royal Air force Red Arrows.

This weekend Britain has seen beacons, processions, street parties, A flotilla, A Derby, One Palace, A concert and well, in true Britsh Style, lots of rain all welcoming in a Reign lasting 60 years.  A nation all coming together to get a glimpse of Our Diamond Queen.

It is true to say that we will never again see the like of this again in our lifetime.  This unique occasion has united Britain and showed the World that the word before Britain is well and truly there to stay - How "Great" we are.  Long Live the Queen!

Big Ben Waiting for Her Majesty's Procession on Jubilee Day

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