Monday, 9 July 2012

The Chap Olympiad - Spiffing!

If you thought that the sporting event of the year was the Olympics, or indeed a Brit in the Wimbledon final, then you clearly haven't heard about the Chap OlympiadOrganised by The Chap magazine and now in it's eighth year, the Chap Olympiad is without a doubt, "The Sporting Event" of the Chaps year.  It took place this weekend and for the first year, it has been made into a two day event, which is hardly surprising, what with the amount of events to be fitted in.

A friend of mine had visited the event last year and on hearing the words "Ironing board surfing" competition, I counted down the 365 days until I could Beach Boys it up and get on my board.  All, may I add, without even having to get my lacy hair fascinater wet!

Armed with my video camera and all good intentions to film a Jenni's Journey, my other arm was unfortunately (for the sake of my filming and fortunately for the sake of me) laden down by Pimms and Tyrrells Crisps, a very tasty sponsor of the event.  I have however managed to capture the dandy mood of the day "to a T"!

The order of Play included some rather eccentric events and before you ask.... yes, of course I took part!  Firstly, I swooned (or should I say, I was swooned by some chap who told me that he was going to write a new book called 50 shades of chap") - yes, it was lost on me too, but I still swooned as I wanted to win the competition.  Unfortunately, I lost out to a chapettee who later explained to me how I could have improved my swooning technique.

A surfing chap
Then my big moment came.  The "Ironing Board Surfing" competition.  I rounded up my team, with the very original name of "Jenni's Team" and took to my board, in heels.  I was then lifted, board and all, into mid air by five burly chaps (who I hoped hadn't drunk as much G&T as me!)  They surfed me like I'd never been surfed before and my dismount slide off the board (and nearly off the stage too), was more epic than that of Keanu's efforts in Point Break!  Thankfully at that point there were no breaks, although, I'm not quite sure how!

"Shouting at Foreigners" took on a slighty new take on the Olympic sports and consisted of ordering an item from an un-cooperative foreign shop owner.  Sadly, my boyfriend (his hands had also been laden with G&T's) got the rules slightly out of context and managed to hold up the shopkeeper with a banana!  That was after he body popped his way through the Brief case Phalanx.
Shouting at Foreigners takes on a new twist!

The Olympiad fell on the same weekend as the Wimbledon final, however, the event "Not playing Tennis" more than made up for that - two armchairs with contestants lazed in them and a ball on a sting! Murray eat your heart out!  Umbrella Jousting and Moustache wrestling were a good spectacle too.  All winners were rewarded in the form of gold, silver & bronze cravats!  What else?! 

I caught up with lots of the tweed, trouser creased and moustached men throughout the day to find out exactly how it is to be a chap and my video tells all!
So, until next year - Tally Ho!

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