Thursday, 2 August 2012

Nice to see the torch, to see the torch.....

My day started out with no intention of making a Jenni's Journey and ending in my most dramatic and athletic (in every sense of the word) to date. When I plan a Jenni's Journey, it usually involves some kind of forward planning. This one however, was off the cuff and somehow managed to involve a whole camera crew and some Bonus Brucie specials.
I have been an avid BBC torch relay watcher over the last 70 days.  The coverage has been fantastic, (apart from whilst travelling through my home town of Pontypool and hitting a black hole 3G area, it is the valleys after all, what can we expect?!)
Each morning I would have a look at the Torch relay route for that day.  I haven't studied our map in such detail since my geography lessons at school and even then, my studying of the map involved drawing around a GB map stencil and colouring it in.  I often felt that I was in an art lesson and when, aged 16, I was asked by my teacher to label the map, her face soon hit the floor and my Christopher Columbus ambitions went out of the window.  Turns out that France is not in Wales and certainly not in the position of Newport.

On 26th July at 15:15 The Olympic Torch was passing by the building that I work in and when the Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham's chauffeur pulled into the car park outside, my Jenni's Journey hat went on.  Before you know it, I had bagged myself an interview with the Mayor.  Luckily, I was working at Zodiak Media and before long we had a full on camera crew assembled in the car park.

From filming and writing my blogs, I have learnt that from being tenacious and well, holding a camera in someones face, you can achieve almost anything that you set out too.  Today I wasn't just in front of my Jenni's Journey camera, but the BBC camera too.  From my previous hob-nobbing with the Mayor, I had acquired invaluable inside info that Sir Bruce Forsyth was to be running with the torch at the BBC.  If this was meant to be a secret, I was the wrong person to have told and when the time was right, I took my position outside the BBC.  Lizo Mzimba must have thought this a good spot to as he came with his BBC crew, microphone and all (I must get one of those).
Antoine De Navacelle - Great Grand Nephew of
Baron Pierre de Coubertin
Well I waited for Sir Bruce, I was delighted to talk with Antoine De Navacelle, a prominent well deserving torch bearer, who shared with me how it felt to be a part of the day.  After they had torch kissed, Sir Bruce arrived and Lizo's official team approached Bruce and fired their questions.  I waited, I watched, but it was all too much.  I had a Jenni's Journey in the making and so, I went in for the kill and approached Bruce, all to the annoyance and shame of Lizo, the BBC and no doubt, (at some point in my near future), to the shame of me.

I had sabotaged Lizo's interview, catching not just the attention of Sir Bruce, but the attention of millions of BBC viewers Live!  Tenacity to the extreme I'd say!  Lizo's team redirected Bruce back to the Live stream quicker than an Olympic Chinese ping pong ball, but all too late, I had my earned my moment with Sir Bruce and that was good enough for me.
Well, what a great day and alright, maybe I didn't quite get the Sir Bruce interview of my dreams this time around.  Maybe I had totally broke all reporter etiquette, but I was happy with my days accomplishments.  I felt that for now, I really had played my cards right and if Bruce is watching and reading my blog then I'm sure he'd be saying "Didn't she do well!"


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  2. Thanks so much for you comment Rebecca - It's always nice to know that I have converted a person who doesnt really care for the blogger! Keep reading X