Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Balham Christmas

Yes, I know that it is still November, but the festive season has well and truly begun, well, at least in Balham anyway!  This weekend saw the turning on of the Christmas lights and because I love a bit of sparkle, mince pies and of course, a good old fashioned carol sing along, I flocked down to Balham to join in with the festivities.

First up were The Chestnut Grove School Steel Drum Band.  As they struck up "The Calypso Carol" I was transported to The Balahamhas, however the rain soon reminded me, that I was still very much in South London!


Next to the stage was MJ and her South London Choir.  MJ lights up Balham without the switch having even been pressed!  She introduced each department of the choir, from alto to soprano, warming up their vocal chords to Ding Dong merrily on high.  Then in full voice they sang three carols.

From singers of song to The Balham Ukulele Society - what a wonderful musical extravaganza we were all having.  I am particularly fond of The Balham Society who meet at the BBC Balham.  Thankfully, it is Christmas and so Santa - if you're reading - then go on, put one in my Christmas sack! ( Not one of the players - I mean a Ukulele)  Whoa, that could have been confusing on Christmas morn, I should be careful what I wish for!
So as the festive hour drew to an end, The Mayor of Wandsworth, Cllr Adrian Knowles, joined by the Samuel Estates mascot, pushed the switch and lit up the gateway to the South!

Luckily the festivities are not over and I am looking forward to Skating on down to the Balham Ice Rink on Friday 14th Dec.  I was so impressed to see so many people getting involved and singing, and not letting the rain put them off.  It really shows how much of a community we have here in Balham and I for one, look forward to stepping in to a very merry Balham Christmas!

Town centre Manager-Kim Sullivan, The Mayor of Wandsworth & Samuel Estates Sponsors

Here are the high"Lights"...

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